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Question:I have severe acne problems. Many people suggested avoiding chocolates, fried and junk foods like pizza. Can a diet clear up my acnes?
Answer:Well, there is no proven scientific connection between acne and food. Conventionally, it is believed that certain food items like chocolates or greasy foods may cause or worsen acne problems. But according to skin professionals and dermatologists, there is no direct influence of food on the acne breakouts. Acne is generally caused by the natural hormones (especially active in your teen), plugged skin (skin pores are closed), bacteria (bacterial infection to skin oil glands or pores) or if your acne problem is hereditary (If your parents have acne problems you could also have them).

Changing your diet completely can not be an effective treatment. If you avoid a particular food that appears to aggravate your problems, that might help you to a little extent.

Obviously, a balanced and healthy diet has a good effect on your overall health. Having excessive sugary and greasy foods will affect your overall health including your skin. If you are suffering from acne problems, following a bad diet will definitely not help you in improving your situation. Some studies reveal that milk and dairy products aggravate acne, but they have not been established so far.

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