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Question:I am 15 year old suffering from mild acne breakouts. I like to lie down in the sun during summer. Will it aggravate my skin acne problems or help in improving it as some of my friends say?
Answer:Normally, exposure to sun for a short period is good for skin. But if you stay in sun for a longer period of time, it is not at all good for your skin particularly if you are having acne problems since sunlight contains ultra violet- rays which are very harmful and damaging for the skin. And it is very important to prevent your skin from getting damaged to cure the acne. Staying in the sun for a longer time causes irritation and will worsen your acne problems only.

People tan in sunlight thinking that it helps in clearing the existing acne. But in fact ultraviolet rays present in sunlight cause damage to the delicate epithelial cells. It not only aggravates the acne but may increases the risk of skin cancer and cause early aging of the skin.

So you should avoid direct exposure of sun light and sun bathing for a longer time also. Also take proper care of your skin while going out in sun by applying good sunscreens or other lotions.

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