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Question:I get a few pimples on my face. After sometime, they go away but leave black scars. My face doesn' t look good and fair because of this. I am getting married in a month. I am very worried. What do I do to make my face clear and scar free? Please give me some advice.
Answer:Generally, scars also go with time as a natural healing process but some remain permanent and need treatment. Apple Cider Vinegar is very good in treating acne scars. But it may create a little burning sensation on application. Aloe vera gel has been also proven good. You can also apply a mixture of lemon and cucumber daily to fade your scars. Pure natural Vitamin E oil is good for skin health and also helps in healing. It does wonders for your appearance by reducing the scar visibility.

Always wash your face twice a day and exfoliate your face gently after every 2-3 days. Wither sand or cornmeal is considered good for exfoliating. Avoid long exposure to the sun and use sunscreen lotion if going out is essential.

There are lots of scar treatment products are available in the market which help in reducing the scars quickly. But you should use any of those products after consulting your doctor.

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