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Question:My baby is only 4 weeks old and is having baby acne on chin and cheeks. Is it possible occurring acne to newly borns? What products should I use for my baby? How long will it take to cure? Will my baby develop it again in his teenage?
Answer:Baby acne is one of the kinds of baby rashes occurring to newly born babies. They develop it at around 3 weeks and it may exist till they are 4 to 6 months old. These baby acnes are nothing to worry about as they are completely natural and disappear after sometime on its own. The real cause of baby acne has not been established yet. But it may be caused because of the hormones transmitted to the baby through the placenta before birth. These hormones might trigger the baby acne to your newly born.

Wipe your baby' s face gently with water or damp cloth and use mild soap while cleaning your baby. Use creams rather than oils and lotions as they can clog the pores of baby skin making the acne worse. Don' t hurry for the cure, let the natural healing occur. Also don' t be perplexed that your baby will be prone to acne in his teens. It is quiet possible that your baby will grow up with no acne problems in his teenage with clear face.

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