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Question:I get terrible indigestion and live on antacids. Is there a natural solution?
Answer:There are several possible reasons for your indigestion. Are you eating too fast, drinking too much liquid with your meals, drinking more than three coffees a day or eating hard-to-digest fatty, spicy or stodgy foods? If not, your digestion may be below par, so digestive aids are the next step.

Antacids aren' t the answer, as they make your stomach very alkaline, a condition that actually interferes with digestion (remember, it' s stomach acid that helps digest food). They may also contain aluminium, which is toxic. So try a digestive enzyme supplement with each main meal - one that contains amylase, protease and lipase, which digest carbohydrate, protein and fat respectively. Ironically, indigestion is often caused by too little stomach acid (betaine hydrochloride). If you feel this might be so, you can look for digestive enzyme supplements containing betaine hydrochloride.

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