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Question:I fractured my ankle a year ago, but it still causes pain. Is this normal?
Answer:Once a fracture has completely healed, as determined by the doctor and x-rays, there is no need for further concern about the strength of the bone, and the way in which you use it. If the fracture was a serious one, it is common for the area involved to ache and swell for months or years afterwards. It is normally only a dull annoying ache after using the bone a lot, so I would expect that your ankle would swell and ache after a lot of walking or other exercise. This should settle overnight. Pain of this type can last for several years after a bad break, but slowly settles with time, and is normally only a nuisance rather than distressing. If you are experiencing pain that is worse than this you should check with your doctor to see if there is some arthritis developing or some other disease or complication present.
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