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Question:I have just fractured my humerus and the bicep muscle keeps going into spasm. Can you recommend any supplements that will help?
Answer:Take 500mg of calcium and 300mg of magnesium to ease the muscle spasms. To get your humerus back to normal, you' ll need to take bone-building nutrients. The key vitamins and minerals here are calcium, magnesium, boron and vitamins B, C, D and K. As you rarely get adequate quantities of these from a good multivitamin and mineral formula, you may want to supplement a bone-friendly mineral formula on top of your daily multi. The naturally occurring plant chemicals isoflavones, found in soya beans and soya products such as tofu, also enhance bone-building after a fracture. Ipriflavone, a derivative of isoflavones, has been extensively tested and proven to increase bone density when given along with calcium and/or vitamin D. This too is available in supplements.
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