Medical Questions » Cancer Questions » Question No. 188
Question:If I was unlucky enough to get cancer, how could this be treated?
Answer:Nothing can be done to help a patient with cancer until they present to a doctor, and this is one of the most frustrating aspects of medicine for general practitioners, because so many people wait for far too long before seeing a doctor with their symptoms. At times, an otherwise intelligent human being will suspect cancer, but do nothing about it until the symptoms become so bad they are beyond help. Over half of all cancers can be cured, and that excludes the skin cancers that rarely cause death. The cure rate is far higher in those who present early to a doctor, because the less the cancer has spread, the easier it is to treat. Treatment may involve surgery to remove the growth, drugs that are attracted to and destroy abnormal cells, irradiation of the tumour with high-powered x-rays or combinations of these three methods. If you are concerned about cancer, see your doctor now!
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