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Question:I have suddenly developed pimples at 22 years of age, having not had them for seven years when I was a schoolgirl. My lifestyle has not changed. My doctor recommends antibiotics, but I am reluctant to take these. I am taking zinc tablets from the chemist, but they don' t seem to be helping. A Pimples may develop at any age, but they are far more common in teenage years when hormone levels are increasing.
Answer:Any change to your hormone levels may trigger an attack of acne. Pregnancy is one obvious cause of hormone change, and the oral contraceptive pill may also be a cause in some women, while in others the pill may improve acne. Treatment involves using the various pimple creams available from chemists, and talcing zinc supplements, which benefit some people. If these are ineffective, then it is wise to consult a doctor who can prescribe more potent lotions and creams, along with antibiotics. Antibiotics especially designed to combat acne are very effective, as they prevent the blocked oil ducts that cause acne from becoming infected. They are designed for long term use, and have no side effects in the majority of patients.
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