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Question:What causes obesity? I am very careful with my diet, but still overweight.
Answer:Your choice of parents is the most important factor in your weight, particularly if- you do stick to a good diet. Obesity is hereditary, and children of fat parents should be carefully watched to make sure they do not put on too much weight in childhood. The other big factor (pardon the pun!) is of course your diet. Many fat people claim they eat nothing, but when monitored they are seen to nibble little bits of food all the time between meals. Their meals may be small, but their calorie intake is enormous. Exercise is the third factor, and obviously people who exercise regularly are going to burn off more calories and fat than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. There are some diseases, such as an under active thyroid gland, which may be responsible for obesity, but less than 1 in 100 fat people have these diseases, and they can be easily tested for by your GP.
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