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Question:I am a thirteen year old girl, 164 cm tall and weigh 55 kg. I feel fat because I have fat legs. Am I overweight? What is the average weight for a girl my age?
Answer:The average weight for someone of your age and height is 47 to 51 kg, so you are a little overweight statistically. It would be equally important for me to know your degree of maturity. Girls at thirteen can still be flat chested and have no sign of changing into a woman, or they may be well developed and appear to be a grown woman. Those with a woman' s figute will weigh more than those who are still girls. Almost certainly you will grow taller in the next year, so the sensible thing to do is to watch your diet, get some exercise and make sure that you do not put on any more weight, and let your heighr slowly increase. You will grow up into your present weight, and thin out as a result. Losing weight is NOT a good idea at your age unless you are grossly obese.
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