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Question:I have heard that when tablets containing cider vinegar, kelp, vitamin B6 and lecithin are taken along with a sensible diet and no extra exercise, you lose weight fast—12 lb in two weeks. Is this true?
Answer:There is no easy way to lose weight, and anyone who believes in the above formula will also believe in the tooth fairy and Easter bunny! There is a simple (but not easy) way to lose weight—eat less and exercise more. This method has the great advantage of being not onlv effective, but cheap! Millions of dollars are spent by Australians every year on special diets, magic formulas, ' guaranteed' tablets, patent mixtures, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and quack remedies in order to lose weight. None of these are more effective than the simple formula of eat less and exercise more; all are more expensive, some may be harmful, and none work long term. Being overweight is not a crime, although women' s magazines make it seem to be, as all have diets of some type or other. You do not have to look like Princess Diana to be acceptable in society. There are no medical risks in being up to 20% greater than average weight for your height, age and sex. Only over 40% greater than average weight do medical risks become significant. The most important factor in your weight is your choice in parents, followed by your diet and exercise levels. Many fat people should accept their weight, avoid gaining any more, and not damage their health by yo-yoing up and down by ten kilos every few months as they go on and off diets. This is more damaging to health than staying overweight. If you plan to lose weight, start on a sensible diet that you can maintain for years to come, exercise regularly, and certainly do not try to lose 12 lb in two weeks!
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