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Question:I have been obese all my life, since childhood in fact, and now I have diabetes. Some doctors think I may have Prader-Willi syndrome. I have had my stomach stapled, been on innumerable diets, medications, padlocked the fridge—you name it. Nothing works. I have even been locked up in a girl' s detention centre, not because I broke the law or anything like that, only to lose weight. What would you suggest?
Answer:One can only take treatment so far, and then one must call it quits. I do not think any suggestion that I make to you will make the slightest difference, considering the extraordinary lengths that you have gone to in the past. You may have Prader-Willi syndrome, but that is almost impossible to prove. This syndrome is a disorder of the hunger centre in the brain that leads to compulsive eating, regardless of consequences. It is often associated with diabetes, is present from birth, and may be due to a low birth weight and overstimulation of the hunger centre at that time. There is no cure for this syndrome that I can discover in my texts, but you should be assessed by an endocrinologist and a neurologist if this has not already been done. I can only suggest that after consultation with your doctor it may be appropriate to use high doses of appetite suppressants to control your hunger and maintain your present weight. Yout chances of losing weight are almost nil. I have sympathy for your plight, but can offer nothing more

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