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Question:I am 18 years old, female, slightly underweight, very attractive and have a perfect figure, i can eat anything I like and still maintain my figure. How long will it be before ! start to put on weight every time I eat something fattening? Will I be like this forever?
Answer:I am delighted that you have such self-confidence in your appearance, but I would suggest that you act cautiously around any friends who are even slightly overweight or who have a figure a little less spectacular than your own, or you may not live long enough to find out if you will ever become fat and flabby! The best way to find out if you will have a weight problem in the future is to look at your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. If they are overweight, then you have a high risk of following in their footsteps. Your weight is determined by several factors including inherited tendencies, the metabolic rate of your body (rate at which cells burn energy) and obviously your diet and exercise level. You should decide on an ideal weight, and merely eat a nutritious diet, low in fatty and processed foods until you reach rhat weight, be that in a few months or a few years. Once at that weight, modify your food intake and exercise level to maintain that weight. Remember, that as you age, your ideal weight will increase, at about 2 kg per decade of life.
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