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Question:When should someone see a doctor about anxiety?
Answer:Doctors become concerned when you become anxious about routine matters that the majority of people take for granted. Anxiety about catching a bus, meeting new people, going shopping or using household appliances is not normal, and if allowed to continue, may cause you to become steadily more anxious about more and more things. Doctors call this an anxiety neurosis, and it can become so severe that the patient is unable to lead a normal life. Unfortunately, some of these people are also anxious about seeing doctors, and may not seek help until the situation has reached a crisis. It is important for close friends and relatives to intervene in this situation, to ensure that medical assistance is obtained at an early stage. Treatment may only involve regular counselling sessions with your general practitioner or a psychiatrist, but sometimes medication is required to give the patient an initial boost back to the normal world. The earlier treatment is started, the shorter the course required, and the more successful the eventual outcome.
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