Medical Questions » Arthritis Questions » Question No. 86
Question:I have terrible arthritis in my knees, and the tablets I have been prescribed for the pain don' t work. Is knee replacement surgery successful?
Answer:Yes, very. Knees have been replaced for over 20 years, and a great deal of knowledge about the procedure is now available. If the knee is severely arthritic and causing enough pain and limitation of movement to adversely affect the patient' s lifestyle, they should seriously consider this procedure. A discussion with your general practitioner and then one or two orthopaedic surgeons is necessary. In the operation, the old knee joint is cut out, and a new steel and plastic one is inserted. You will be able to walk quite well within a few weeks, and after two or three months should not be aware of the artificial joint. There is always a small percentage of people who do not do well with any operation. The complications of this one include infection, bleeding, instability of the joint and cracking of the long bones of the lower leg.
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