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Question:I developed a very itchy rash in my crotch area while recovering from a knee fracture. None of the anti-itch creams helped. The rash disappeared when the fracture healed. Can you explain this?
Answer:When you had a fracture, you would have been less active than normal, and certainly moving the fractured leg less than normal. You would also have been unable to bathe or shower yourself properly because of the plaster. In these circumstances it is possible for the sweat to build up in the crease between your leg and groin, and with the heat of summer, the friction between your leg and groin skin and sitting down more than standing, the irritated skin in the area would become a prime site for a fungal infection. Technically, this problem is called tinea cruris. Fungal infections will not recover with the normal anti-itch creams, but require specific fungus-killing creams for a cure. These are available from chemists and on prescription from doctors. Keeping the affected area cool, dry and clean is also important. Once your fracture healed, you became more active, did not spend as much time sitting, and could bathe more easily—thus curing the rash.
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