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Question:I am 70 years of age and have developed a skin rash between my legs in the groin area. The rash is itchy after a shower, and all sorts of creams and ointments from the chemist have failed to fix it. They just seem to control it for a while, then it comes back. I hope you can help me.
Answer:The most likely cause of your rash is a fungal infection of the warm, moist skin in the groin area. Fungi are microscopic plants, rather like the green slime on stagnant ponds, that can infect the skin and gut. They like areas that are warm (under clothing), moist (from sweat) and irritated (by scratching or folds of skin). There are a number of antifungal creams and lotions available from chemists and on prescription from doctors that can kill the fungal infection of the skin, but the condition often recurs if the source of the infection is not removed. The fungus can remain deep in the skin for some time after the rash has settled, so it is important to continue with the treatment for several days after the rash has cleared. The other source of infection is the gut. Fungi live quite normally inside your intestine, but if excess numbers are present, they can come out the back passage, and infect the warm, moist skin around the anus. From there the infection can easily migrate to the groin. It is therefore sensible for a doctor to prescribe an antifungal tablet that will clear the gut of infection when a skin infection recurs repeatedly. Some types of tablets can also assist the creams or lotions in clearing the infection from the skin itself. You should see your doctor for further advice and treatment.
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