Medical Illnesses

Details of various medical illnesses.  

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As long as we humans are there, medical illnesses will keep lurking around the corner for many reasons, known and unknown. Thankfully, we have doctors and other health professional to take care of us, but we ourselves (the not-so-medically-literate) should take efforts to know at least some basic things about diseases we catch. Illness is something that puts us into worry because of two things:

  • The well being of the patient.
  • Our dependency on the doctors and knowing nothing about the medical illnesses.
So, although there is no option for worrying and caring about the patient, there certainly is for the panic which stems through the non-knowledge of the illnesses.

Not everyone is a medical student or a doctor and more often than not the sufferers or patients as well as their dependents or relatives and friends are not completely aware about the medical condition. So what do we do? Sit with one hand on the other and be clueless? No, not now at least with the booming internet which gives you all the information at your finger tips.

You just have to be sure of one thing while you are searching for information related to some particular disease or illness and that is to read up at least four to five articles from various sites. Though most of the sites give you authentic information, it is better to rely on websites that are dedicated to medical issues and have a blog section too.

Talking to patients or the people who have taken care of such people through the tough and difficult times of crisis will prepare you with the most common hands-on experience of handling things. While this can be really hard and depressing, knowing people who have gone through it can really be of some recourse. By this, you not only come to know about what the patients have to say or what were their experiences or symptoms of some particular disease, etc., you can also have a discussion or reference about some doctors and how reliable they are. After all, we never know by ourselves how professional and efficient some medical or health organization is until we are subjected to them in dire consequences. In such situations, forums or actual patients and their relatives and families pose as a big help.

Becoming aware of the issues to some extent is on us by reading and we here on give you information on more than 2000 medical illnesses in the layman's terms and understanding. Find the medical (technical terms) as well as the common names for the diseases, simplified information and yet retaining the medical details you will find everything here. Don't let yourself be in the dark and totally unaware of the situation. Read and find out so as to not be deceived by anyone and rule out any kind of chances of suffering due to lack of knowledge. For example, a complicated thing like liver problem can be mistakenly taken as fever due to microbial infection, thus making further delay in diagnosing the problem.

Given below is the alphabetical list of the various diseases and disorders. Read whatever you or your dear one is diagnosed with and find the scientific information explained in the layman's terms. We have answers to more than 1,000 medical questions on this site.

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Disclaimer: All the information provided in the medical illness section of the site is for reference purpose only. This is not a self treatment manual. If you have any medical illness, we recommend that you see a doctor.

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