Medical Questions » Alcohol

Question 1:My father consumes two casks of wine a week. Can you tell me what harm this will cause him? Are there any additives or preservatives that can cause harm?
Question 2:My husband is a salesman and drinks a lot with his work. I think he uses his work as an excuse to get boozed. One of his mates has had pancreatitis. Could he get it too?
Question 3:I have a stupid doctor who says I must eat better and take vitamins because I drink too much. I am only a social drinker, and only get drunk every couple of weeks. He says I will get some berry disease if I don' t do as he tells me. I think he' s just a wowser, but I promised him I' d write you (sic) to prove him wrong.
Question 4:How much can I drink and still drive?
Question 5:Why do alcoholics get liver damage?
Question 6:I' m not an alcoholic, but I do like a wine with dinner and an occasional beer after gardening. Can I drink alcohol with medication?
Question 7:Can alcoholism be termed as a disease? Is there any treatment to eliminate it permanently?
Question 8:Is taking alcohol good for heart?
Question 9:Is drinking safe during pregnancy? What could be the risk for my unborn baby if I drink occasionally?
Question 10:My uncle is above 65 and has been drinking occasionally since long. He hardly faced any major problem. But, nowadays, he is getting lots of health problem due to drinking though he doesn' t drink much. Can you provide some help?
Question 11:I have recently started drinking occasionally. After drinking, my face becomes red. I also feel burning sensation in my chest after having a drink. In the very next morning, I also feel soreness in my chest, when I touch it. Do I have low tolerance for alcohol? What to do?
Question 12:What is the safe level of drinking?
Question 13:How alcohol does affects ones brain?
Question 14:What is binge drinking? What are its consequences? Sometimes, I go with my friends on weekends to have drinks with them. Will it be considered as binge drinking?
Question 15:What is alcohol poisoning? What are the symptoms and how dangerous it is? What should be done at that time?
Question 16:My brother became an alcoholic after an unpleasant episode in his life. Now, he wants to move on and get rid of alcohol. But he hardly tries; and is not able to do so. How can I help him in quitting the alcohol?
Question 17:Which is better for you - beer or wine?
Question 18:Are some alcoholic drinks better for you than others?
Question 19:I get a rash when I drink wine or beer, but spirits and alcopops don' t affect me that way. Is this an allergy?
Question 20:Any tips for preventing hangovers?
Question 21:I often feel paranoid and edgy the day after drinking alcohol. Why is this?
Question 22:How can I get the natural high that I experience after drinking champagne?
Question 23:My boyfriend has an alcohol problem. Are there any nutritional remedies that can help him come off the booze?
Question 24:I' m a recovering alcoholic, hut I smoke and crave chocolate and sugar. Can nutrition help?

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