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Question 1:Why do so many patients turn to alternative practitioners for medical care? I have found orthodox doctors marvellous, and they have saved me from a heart attack, and relieved my gout, but some of my friends insist on going to all sorts of funny ' quacks' .
Question 2:My GP and specialist can' t cure my problem, and I have heard of a naturopath who seems to be very good, but my doctors have both said it is a lot of rubbish. Do you think it is wise for me to seek a second opinion from a naturopath?
Question 3:I have recently heard about new-age magnetic therapy which used in conjunction with a newly discovered natural treatment, can regrow hair for those suffering from baldness and hair loss. What is the validity of this claim, and is it recognised by the medical profession?
Question 4:I am concerned that my health may be suffering because I am not taking enough vitamins. What are the best vitamins to take?
Question 5:Is Vitamin B useful? Should I take regular capsules to supplement my diet?
Question 6:Is excess Vitamin B harmful?
Question 7:Does Vitamin C really prevent or treat colds? My mother swears by it, but I' m not so sure.
Question 8:Why do so many people use naturopathic treatments, from royal jelly to vitamins, for arthritis?
Question 9:I am 65 years of age, and my problems are controlled by tablets, but I don' t want to take them forever. Have you any information regarding ' chelation therapy' , which I would like to use to cure my high blood pressure, high cholesterol and coronary artery disease?
Question 10:What is your opinion of the treatment of gallstones by naturopaths? I have been recommended taking a few bottles of DTM medicine, followed by five days of drinking apple juice and eating apples, then on the sixth day at 6pm taking one desertspoon full of Epsom salts in water, repeated again at 8pm. Then at 10pm take 100 mL of Olive oil mixed with 100 ml_ of lemon juice. Is this safe and does it work?
Question 11:I recently read about Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone), described as an energy-producing, heart-protective anti-oxidant. I would like to know your views on this supplement.
Question 12:I have read that one should restrict one' s diet according to your blood group, so that anyone with blood group 0 should avoid wheat and dairy products, tomatoes, melons, olives and cauliflower. Is there much scientific evidence to support this doctrine?
Question 13:If taken in the correct dosage, is creatine harmful or beneficial to the body?
Question 14:Meniere' s disease is extremely difficult to cure, and doctors try many different medications. I have found a cure for the condition in myself, and for years I have not had any attacks of dizziness or noises in the ears. My cure is regular doses of all the B group vitamins. I would appreciate it if you could pass this on to your readers who may suffer from this distressing condition.
Question 15:I have heard a lot about alternative medicine. What is it and how is it different from conventional medicine?
Question 16:Is opting for alternative medicine is safe? One of my friends went for homeopathy and got complete relief from his health problem. I am a chronic asthma patient and want a rescue from it.
Question 17:Is there any natural way to treat my kid from cold? My son is 4 years old and I am averse in giving him antibiotics at such a small stage. Any advice will be appreciated.
Question 18:I am over weight and I want to lose my weight. Can acupuncture help me in losing my weight? Is it safe and effective for weight loss?
Question 19:I suffer from headache very frequently. Every time, I don' t feel like taking medicines for it. Can you provide me some alternative remedy for it?
Question 20:My sister is in depression since long. But, she doesn' t take the medicines regularly prescribed for her. Is their any alternative remedy for depression? Will it be effective in treating the depression?
Question 21:I mostly go for alternative medicine for my health problems and generally get good results. Why do people spend more money on prescribed medicines, when the alternatives are available in a cheaper way?
Question 22:Is dark chocolate good for heart? My brother recently had a heart attack. I got to know that a few squares of dark chocolate a day can reduce the risk of heart diseases. How far is it true?
Question 23:I have seen many people wearing different types of colored stones. Are crystals effective in healing the body?
Question 24:What is reflexology? I sometimes have pain on the back side of my feet. One of my friends suggested that it can be relieved by taking treatment of reflexology. How it can be cured by reflexology? Please advice.
Question 25:Are there any herbs that shouldn' t be taken alongside medications?
Question 26:What other natural antihistamines are there apart from vitamin C?
Question 27:What is your view on aloe vera?
Question 28:What' s your view on black cohosh?
Question 29:What' s your view on cat' s claw?
Question 30:What' s your view on cranberry?
Question 31:What' s your view on elderberry extract?
Question 32:How is ginger good for you?
Question 33:What' s your view on ginseng?
Question 34:What' s your view on grapefruit seed extract?
Question 35:Is hemp seed oil good for you?
Question 36:I' ve heard kava described as ' Hawaii in a bottle' . What' s your view?
Question 37:Can kava damage your liver?
Question 38:What is your view on liquorice?
Question 39:What' s your view on milk thistle?
Question 40:I' ve heard that certain mushrooms are very good for you. Which ones are they?
Question 41:What' s your view on red clover?
Question 42:What' s your view on rhodiola?
Question 43:What' s your view on sceletium?
Question 44:What' s your view on sulphur?
Question 45:Do anti-cellulite supplements really work?
Question 46:Do pills that claim to boost breast size work?
Question 47:How does light affect your health?
Question 48:Can supplements help you tan?
Question 49:Which painkiller is worse for you - aspirin or paracetamol - and is there a healthy alternative?

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