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Question 1:I have to have an operation, but I' m scared about the anaesthetic. Can you please tell me what will happen to me?
Question 2:I am going to have an anaesthetic injection into my back for my operation, as I have been told I am too old to have a normal one. I am worried that I will be awake during the operation and know what is happening, and this is frightening to me. What do you suggest I do? Can you explain what will happen?
Question 3:How do local anaesthetics work? My GP says he is going to fix my ingrown toenail with a nerve block into the base of the toe, but I am sure this will hurt. When he cut out a mole, the injection was into the mole, and it really stung a lot.
Question 4:What is the drug used in local anaesthetics, is it dangerous, are there side effects, will I feel anything, and how long does it last? I need to know the answers to these questions before I let my GP cut out a mole he has found on my back, and all he says is, ' Don' t worry, it will be fine.'
Question 5:I am going for a surgery where I will need to take general anesthesia. What are the risks and complications associated with general anesthesia? I am very worried. Please advice.
Question 6:I had a successful surgery 2 weeks ago. After the surgery, I suffer from sore throat. I was given general anesthesia during the surgery. Can it be reason for the soreness of my throat? Does it indicate some other serious problems like getting infections or something? What do I do now?
Question 7:What is twilight sleep? I am having a small operation. My surgeon told me that I will be given twilight anesthesia. How is this anesthesia administered and what will be the recovery time?
Question 8:Should I quit smoking before a anesthesia/surgery? Does smoking affect anesthesia? How long before the anesthesia/surgery should I quit smoking?
Question 9:I would like to know about different type of anesthesia given during therapeutic procedures. Who is an anesthesiologist and how doe he administer the anesthesia?
Question 10:How quickly I will recover from the effects of anesthesia? What are the major anesthesia effects that one experiences after the surgery?
Question 11:I have some dental problem for which I am going for a small surgery. Much to my surprise, my Dentist told me that I will be given anesthesia to perform the surgery. Dental surgery is not a major surgery, so why should I put to sleep for this thing. I am very confused. Please help.
Question 12:I am going for a major operation. I have heard of horrific stories of people waking during their surgery after general anesthesia and having terrible experiences during and after surgery. How much is it common and can it happens to me also? Please explain.
Question 13:My daughter is 2 years old and need to undergo a small surgical operation. Since she is too young to stay still on her own; she needs to be given general anesthesia. The thought of my kid being unconscious is unnerving me. Is it safe to give anesthesia at such a young stage? What precautions should I take? I am very worried for my daughter. Please advice.
Question 14:I am going for LASIK eye surgery for my myopia. I have been told that I need to be awake during surgery. I wonder without anesthesia (which will put me to sleep), how I will be able to tolerate the pain. Please advice.

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