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Question 1:I have a haemorrhoid that came and was uncomfortable, then after a few days it went away. Is this normal? I thought that once they were present, they were there for ever.
Question 2:Why do haemorrhoids cause itching? Chemist preparations don' t help much.
Question 3:I would be grateful if you could explain the causes and symptoms of internal piles. Can they become cancerous, and do drinks of beer exacerbate the problem?
Question 4:In what way can piles be treated? I suffer terribly from this embarrassing condition.
Question 5:I am bleeding from the back passage after passing a motion. Is this serious?
Question 6:I have two small lumps near my anus, which sometimes discharge blood and yellowish fluid, and then disappear for a while. They feel uncomfortable and I would like them to go away. Please advise.
Question 7:What do you think is the cause of anus itching? I have tried several remedies, but no luck so far. I am 70 years old and 100% fit.
Question 8:I have a very dark red, sometimes purplish colour ring around the opening of my anus. I' m too scared to go to the doctor in case it might be cancer. I' m extremely worried I' m going to die!
Question 9:I had a solitary ulcer in my rectum some years ago that was diagnosed by a specialist after I was bleeding from the back passage. I have now started bleeding again. Is it worth going back to the doctor to have the ulcer reassessed?
Question 10:I suffer from irritation and inflammation around the anus, accompanied by a wetness in the area. My personal hygiene is carefully attended to, and I can' t feel any lumps like piles. I am an otherwise healthy thirty year old woman. Is there any treatment available which will eradicate it?
Question 11:My mother is demented in a nursing home and is now incontinent of faeces and the smell around her is appalling. Is there anything that can be done for her?
Question 12:From last few days, I am experiencing anal bleeding although I don' t have constipation. I am very scared. Can it be cancerous? Please advice.
Question 13:My son is 18 months old and has developed some cracks around his anus skin from constipation. It' s painful for him particularly when he passes the stool. What should I do? Any help will be appreciated.
Question 14:The moment after the birth of my little one, I got to know that he is having an Imperforate anus. That was the most terrifying and devastating moment of my life. Will my child ever be able to lead a normal life? Please advice.
Question 15:For the past few days, I am experiencing some sort of swelling in the anal area. I am having pain and difficulty while passing the stool. What could it may be? Should I consult a doctor? Please help.
Question 16:I have never been suffering from hemorrhoids till now. Recently I developed it during my pregnancy. Why are hemorrhoids more common during pregnancy and how to get rid of it? I will appreciate any advice.
Question 17:I am having itching sensation around the anal area. It is very troublesome especially at night. Please provide me some help.
Question 18:My kid has been diagnosed with anal retention problem by a pediatrician. She is 3 years old and with no health problems. But, she is very afraid of the whole thing. I am very much concerned for my kid. Can you provide me any suggestion?
Question 19:I am 58 year old man suffering from fecal incontinence. Initially, it started with bowel accidents once in a while, but now it has become very frequent much to my embarrassment. I feel very ashamed to going to a doctor. I hardly go out in the fear of having bowel accident. I am leading a tremendously stressful life. Please help so that I can get back to my life.
Question 20:My son is now 4 months old. But, my anal fissures are yet to recover after such a long period from the birth of my child. It' s very painful when I go to the bathroom. I applied cream suggested by the doctor, but it didn' t work. Can you give some home remedies?
Question 21:I am 60 year old female suffering from intense rectal pain (Levator Syndrome). I am unable to sit because of constant pain. Please provide some help.
Question 22:What do you recommend for haemorrhoids?

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