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Question 1:Why does it hurt so much when you hit your funny bone?
Question 2:I have a tennis elbow. How can this be treated?
Question 3:For over two years I have had an obsession to scratch the outer part of my upper arm. I have changed my diet, toiletries, sheets, clothes etc., but doctors are at a loss, and nothing helps. Scratching makes it worse. Can you help?
Question 4:My twelve year old daughter has unusually hairy arms. On her reguest, I trim the hairs. Will this cause stronger or darker growth of hairs?
Question 5:I' ve got elbows similar to that of an elephant' s skin—greyish and wrinkly —but I' m only 18, not 81! Occasionally they become raw and painful, not to mention unsightly. Can I do anything about it?
Question 6:My arm has swollen horribly after an operation for cancer of the breast. Can this be treated?
Question 7:I wake up with pins and needles in my left arm most mornings, it settles after 15-20 minutes, but is most annoying. What can I do to stop this?
Question 8:I' ve had a frozen shoulder for months and tried everything suggested by my doctor. What do I do now?
Question 9:I have pain in my left arm between the elbow and shoulder. It is not only stiff, but agonising, particularly at night. The doctor calls it supra-spinatus tendonitis, and has prescribed Feldene, but these are not helping. What else can be done?
Question 10:After falling off a horse, my daughter dislocated her shoulder, but it popped back again quickly. The doctor said it was probably a subluxation and did not require any further treatment. What is the difference between a dislocation and subluxation?
Question 11:My son injured his fingers while jumping from the furniture. The doctor who treated him says that there was a minor injury in his growth plate. He informed me that it will heal by itself though he (doctor) provided immobilization treatment for the injured finger. Can you tell me what is growth plate and how can it affect the growth of bones of my kid?
Question 12:For past few days, I am feeling twitching in my left arm. Sometimes I experience numbness in my forearms that eventually goes away. I notice that twitching is more when I am sitting or relaxing. Since last two-three weeks my life has been very stressful. This new problem is annoying me a lot. What should I do? Should I seek medical assistance?
Question 13:I fell on my wrist while I was to trying to clean the fan by standing on the stool. There is no swelling in my hand but I feel continuous pain in my wrist especially when I move it. Can some painkillers work? Please suggest.
Question 14:I am an athlete and I regularly need to practice and exercise to keep myself fit. Nowadays I am feeling lack of strength in my shoulders to carry out my daily activities. It started with slow pain in my shoulders and getting worse day by day. Do you have any solution for this?
Question 15:I need to work on the computer for long hours. For the past few days, I am experiencing burning ache in my forearm and in the wrist. My pain increases especially when I use the mouse or do some wrist activity. I can not quit working as it' s a necessity for me. What shall I do?
Question 16:Recently one of my friends hurt his shoulder while playing football and underwent surgery for that. He had rotator cuff injuries. I wonder what rotator cuff is and how it is related to the shoulder. Can you explain in detail? Any help will be appreciated.
Question 17:My daughter is complaining about a little pain in her arm since the time I pulled her by the wrist to cross a muddy path while going outside. She immediately started weeping after I pulled her arm. Now, although she is not weeping, she is not using her arm pulled and sitting holding that arm slightly bent at the elbow. Has she incurred arm fracture just by pulling? Should I visit a doctor? I am very perplexed and frightened, please help?
Question 18:I am young software professional and I frequently smoke to distress my problems. Recently I got to know that smoking can affect ones hands also (Buerger' s disease of arms). Before that, I used to think that smoking affects heart and lungs only causing various diseases. Since I need to type continuously at the keyboard, I wonder what happens if smoking affects my hands. Is it just a myth or is there any iota of truth? Please explain.
Question 19:Recently I heard of a term -Excessive carrying angle of the elbow. Honestly, I never heard about this deformity before. Can you explain this?
Question 20:I fell on my right arm while running in the field. Since then I have pain and tenderness in my right upper arm. I don' t feel like allowing any movement over there. I am a right handed person, so you can very well understand my problem. Have I got some fracture in my upper arm? I have not visited the doctor till now. Please suggest.

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