Medical Questions » Arteries And Veins

Question 1:What is the difference between an artery and a vein? ! am confused about why different blood vessels have different names.
Question 2:My doctor says I have an aneurysm in my stomach. What is this?
Question 3:A recent ultrasound has shown a medium-sized aneurysm of my abdominal aorta that the doctors intend to watch with repeated ultrasound examinations. Can you tell me how serious this condition is, and what can happen to me?
Question 4:What causes varicose veins? My legs look terrible, and I wear slacks all the time as I feel I look terrible in a skirt.
Question 5:I have varicose veins that I think cause me to black out when I stand around for a long time waiting to be served in supermarkets or banks. What can be done about them?
Question 6:I have broken capillaries all over my nose and face, although I am only 32. This is most distressing to me. Can they be treated by sclerosant injections? is there any other treatment?
Question 7:I have been told that I am suffering from thromboses in my leg that are very painful, and are not being helped by an ointment or tubular bandage. What can I do to stop these? Do you suggest having the veins stripped?
Question 8:My doctor says I have hardening of the arteries. What is this?
Question 9:A specialist has told me he is going to fix my blocked arteries with a small balloon, but he hasn' t explained just how. Can you help me?
Question 10:How can I help poor circulation in my hands? They go blue and become painful whenever it gets cold.
Question 11:I had a drip in my arm after an operation recently. Now there is a long, hard lump running 10 cm up my arm. Is this serious?
Question 12:l' ve been given iron supplements for anaemia but they are making me constipated. Any suggestions?

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