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Question 1:I have heard from a number of people that absorption of aluminium into the human body may be a contributing factor in a person who develops Alzheimer' s disease. Is this correct, and is it safe to cook in aluminium saucepans?
Question 2:After an MRI brain scan i have been diagnosed as having a pineal cyst. What is this?
Question 3:Q My 82 year old father had a stroke 20 months ago, and is now unable to talk, and has lost the use of his right hand. He worked all his life until six months before the stroke, and this happens when he should be able to lead the good life. Is there anything we can do to help him? I have considered taking him to Korea for acupuncture.
Question 4:My father died recently and very suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Can you explain this for me?
Question 5:My 82 year old husband has recently developed Parkinson' s disease, which is progressing guite rapidly, with shaking hands, light headedness etc. He is taking drugs and has seen several doctors, but none are able to help. Can you suggest any other treatment?
Question 6:Is there anything one can do, or take, to sharpen or improve one' s mind to learn and absorb things?
Question 7:If you take a break for a month from using aspirin to reduce the risk of a stroke from blood clotting, is one at greater risk during the break than if one had never started, or does a break not matter?
Question 8:Recently I suffered a mild stroke which left me with a weakness in my left leg and hand and a feeling that part of my mouth and tongue are anaesthetised. Will any of these symptoms disappear with time? Is there anything I can do to help them recover? The only treatment I am having is half an aspirin a day. Is this correct?
Question 9:I must criticise you for sayinq that virtually no improvement occur one year after a stroke. My stroke occurred as the result of a haemorrhaqe from a blow to the head, and I had siqnificant improvement between twelve and eighteen months after the stroke. Please do not discourage people from having further rehabilitation at this stage.
Question 10:At 44 I have suffered a stroke to my optic nerve and now have blind spots and flashinq iiqhts in my vision. Can the optic nerve repair itself?
Question 11:Why are so many people in Australia left-handed? Is this due to a malfunction of the brain?
Question 12:Can nutrition help Parkinson' s?

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