Medical Questions » Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

Question 1:My nose looks as though it should belong on a moose rather than a human. Can it be improved by plastic surgery?
Question 2:I am very conscious of a slightly large nose and am considering plastic surgery to make it smaller. How do I go about getting in contact with a good plastic surgeon, and could you give me a rough estimate of its cost as I' m not in a private health fund?
Question 3:I am 16 years old and very embarrassed because my ears stick straight out and when I look in the mirror, they even show through my long hair that I have grown to hide them. Boys tease me about them, and call me ' Elephant' because they say I look like Dumbo. Can these be fixed?
Question 4:Concerning cosmetic treatment for surface veins performed by a specialist—is a coagulant used, and if so, can there be any problems with blood clots following this treatment?
Question 5:I have a scar around the nipple after breast enlargement surgery eight years ago. Can laser surgery remove this scar in the same way as they remove tattoos?
Question 6:I am curious about liposuction. Does it leave noticeable scars? After fat is removed from your thighs, does the skin sag down around your knees? Any information would be appreciated.
Question 7:How safe is the removal of fat around the stomach by liposuction? Does the fat grow again after a while?
Question 8:After a number of prominent women have made the foray into plastic surgery, I too am thinking of having a facelift. What is involved?
Question 9:I have heard that you can have a face lift by laser beam. Could you tell me how this is done, the cost, and the address of a surgeon who can doit?
Question 10:At the age of 60 I have developed drooping cheeks. Can anything be done to prevent further drooping by massage or medicated creams?
Question 11:I have a small tattoo on my wrist that I would like to have removed. Could you please tell me the methods available, and whom I should contact to have it done?
Question 12:My husband would dearly love to get rid of his tattoos, that he now deeply regrets having done whilst in his teens. Surely with all this modern technology and medical advancement there must be something?
Question 13:How do plastic surgeons get rid of lines on your face with injections? I saw a show on TV about this. Can it be done in Australia?

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