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Question 1:What is colour blindness?
Question 2:I have just been diagnosed as having glaucoma. My mother had it too. What causes this disease?
Question 3:How do you know if you have glaucoma? My mother is blind from it and I do not want to go the same way.
Question 4:My mother has been diagnosed as having mild glaucoma, but all the doctor has done is give her some eye drops. How is glaucoma treated?
Question 5:Can you give me information on what causes vitreous floaters in the eye. How long do they last?
Question 6:I have floaters in the inside of the eye. Could you tell me if there is any treatment for this?
Question 7:I get flashes of black or clear spots or shapes in my eyes. My vision is still perfect. Any suggestions?
Question 8:I am sure that my son has a squint, but my GP keeps saying he hasn' t. What should I do?
Question 9:The doctor is concerned about my grand-daughter' s squint. What is a squint, and is it serious?
Question 10:Can glare damage your eyes?
Question 11:What are the best sunglasses to buy?
Question 12:After having gradually worsening vision for several years, I saw my GP who said I had a cataract, and he has referred me to a specialist. The GP thinks I will need an operation. Is this the best treatment for a cataract?
Question 13:What is the best time to have a cataract operation? When it is only slightly annoying, or should I wait until later?
Question 14:My friend is to have cataract surgery to fit a new lens into one eye. Why is only one eye done? After the operation, can he read with one eye without glasses?
Question 15:I am 55 and suffer from watering eyes. It is worse when I walk or cycle, and the tears irritate the skin around the eyes, making it itchy, which annoys the eyes further.
Question 16:My eyes are constantly watering. What can be done about this?
Question 17:I keep losing the coordination of my eyes. At times i am alright, then I see double, and looking in a mirror, the eyes point different ways. What is wrong?
Question 18:I would appreciate your opinion on the cause of a pterygium in the eyes. Some say it is glare, others sand or other foreign matter in the eyes. How is this condition caused, and how do you prevent it?
Question 19:My mother is having a vitrectomy. What sort of operation is this?
Question 20:Can nutrition help prevent eyestrain and shortsightedness?
Question 21:What can you recommend to protect against age-related macular degeneration and cataracts?
Question 22:My eyes are very dry - I can' t wear contact lenses any more. Are there any supplements that might help?
Question 23:Can nutrition help conjunctivitis?

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