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Question 1:What are giands and what do they do?
Question 2:What does the thyroid giand in your neck do?
Question 3:What are the glands in your neck? Mine keep coming up and getting sore every time I get a cold. Is this normai?
Question 4:My doctor has told me that the swelling in the front of my neck is a goitre, and has sent me for blood tests. I didn' t even notice that it was there. What is a goitre? Can it be serious?
Question 5:I am 68 years old, fit as a fiddle, but get very tired at times. My GP says my thyroid gland is to blame, and I have to take tablets. Are these really necessary, and what is an underactive thyroid gland?
Question 6:Fourteen years ago a specialist physician informed me that I had Hashimoto' s disease. He prescribed Oroxine tablets for me to take for the rest of my life. Would you be able to explain Hashimoto' s disease to me?
Question 7:I have been diaqnosed as having Addison' s disease. I realise it is a rare condition, and I think I understand it after my specialist has explained it to me several times, but I can' t explain it properly to my family. Can you help?
Question 8:My brother in England has just had an uncancerous (sic) bit taken out of his pituitary gland in his head. Where is the pituitary gland in the head, and what does it do?
Question 9:How do I know if my thyroid is underactive?
Question 10:I have an underactive thyroid and don' t want to be on thyroxine medication for the rest of my life. Any suggestions?
Question 11:I have a hypothyroid condition caused by an autoimmune reaction. What can I do?

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