Medical Questions » Kidneys And Bladder

Question 1:Why do I keep getting bladder infections every few months? I am a 35 year old woman who is happily married.
Question 2:My doctor has given me tablets for a pain in my belly that he says is cystitis. What is this disease?
Question 3:How is a bladder infection best treated? I keep getting one every few months, and I find them most annoying and painful.
Question 4:For the past twelve months I have been plagued by a bacteria causing a urinary tract infection. I feel better on antibiotics, but two or three weeks after stopping it is back again. Can you suggest a solution?
Question 5:I have just experienced the most excruciating pain of a kidney stone. Why do they hurt so much? Mine was only 3 mm long!
Question 6:My wife wants to know what causes kidney stones and how can she avoid having more, as she has suffered great pain with them in the past.
Question 7:I am 69 years of age, and despite being told age is only in the mind, my body' s messages tell me differently. In particular, my prostate is causing trouble, and I have to dash from the tennis court to quickly find a toilet, and I have to get up through the night. What do you suggest?
Question 8:I am 30 years old, and since the birth of my third child 6 months ago, I find I urinate a little whenever I cough or sneeze, and especially when I jump in aerobic class. I am too embarrassed to mention this to my doctor. Please help me.
Question 9:We are very worried about our grandchildren who have kidney tract problems. The little girl has already had a crossover operation, and now the little boy is having troubles. Our daughter in law has had a lot of urinary infections in the past, and her mother had a dual kidney. Is this problem hereditary, or is it due to the infections of the mother? Should they have more children?
Question 10:My 26 year old daughter has a problem of always wanting to pass urine. She goes to the toilet every hour or two, passes urine at night several times, and always has the feeling that she needs to empty her bladder. She was a bed-wetter into her teens, and has a craving to eat sweet things like chocolate bars at all hours of the day and night. I would be grateful if you couid help her with your advice.
Question 11:I have a dull pain in both sides of the side of my back. I pass very little urine during the day, but lots at night. I have had blood and urine tests and a kidney x-ray which are all normal. What couid this be?
Question 12:I have started urinating more than usual and have to get up at 3 am to pass water. I also have a dry mouth, but my GP tested me for diabetes, and I don' t have that disease, and a bladder ultrasound was also normal. What could be the problem?
Question 13:I have protein in my urine. My doctor keeps testing the urine, but does nothing. What could cause this?
Question 14:I am 73 and incontinent. Every time I move I wet my panties and I wet my bed at night. It is extremely embarrassing and I need help.
Question 15:I am 73 and incontinent. Every time I move I wet my panties and I wet my bed at night. It is extremely embarrassing and I need help.
Question 16:I' ve had kidney stones twice. What can I do to prevent it happening again?
Question 17:I get thirsty and I pee a lot. What does this mean?
Question 18:I' ve started getting cystitis since starting a relationship. Why is this?

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