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Question 1:My son suffers from asthma, but he was recently sent in to hospital with a pneumothorax. Can you explain this?
Question 2:I am coughing a lot, and I am a smoker. How can a doctor tell if you have lung cancer?
Question 3:My father has emphysema, and is always coughing. Can this be cured?
Question 4:I am 78 years old and my doctor tells me I have emphysema. I would be much obliged if you could tell me what is available to ease this condition.
Question 5:My wife recently died from emphysema after being a smoker most of her life. I was not present at the time of her death, and would relieve my mind greatly to have your advice on how she would have passed away. Would she have suffered much?
Question 6:Apparently i have a collapsed left lung. I have been told there is no heip for it (sic). Could you tell me if this is true?
Question 7:I have been told by my general practitioner that my persistent cough and shortness of breath are due to a condition called bronchiectasis. Would you please explain this condition to me.
Question 8:My mother recently nearly died from pneumonia. I know it is a lung infection, but how do you tell if someone is getting pneumonia, what part of the lung is affected and how is it treated?
Question 9:I have recently been very ill with double pneumonia. Why is double pneumonia different to ordinary pneumonia?
Question 10:I cough up pale yellow to green coloured phlegm during the day. Could this be serious? My doctor says it is Pseudomonas infection, but as I am allergic to Gentamicin, he hasn' t given me any treatment.
Question 11:They have recently removed lots of asbestos from inside the ceiling of our office. When and why is asbestos dangerous?
Question 12:About 6 months ago 1 was moving a quantity of asbestos sheets without any protection, and that night I coughed a lot and felt irritation on my chest. This has persisted ever since. I would appreciate it if you could advise me what to do.
Question 13:How serious is lung cancer? Can it be cured?
Question 14:I have a cousin who has just been diagnosed as suffering from cystic fibrosis. Can you tell me about this disease?
Question 15:What nutritional advice can you give for emphysema?

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