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Question 1:Is it compulsory for a patient in the eyes of the doctor to take all medications prescribed? I' ve had open heart surgery and have been given Lanoxin and Warfarin. I' ve stopped seeing doctors, and stopped my tablets because I find the Warfarin difficult to tolerate, although 1 do miss the Lanoxin. I would value your reply.
Question 2:While watching a health segment on television, I saw a report on a new drug in America for the treatment of obesity. I was wondering if there is any chance that this will be available in Australia soon?
Question 3:I have had a lot of funny turns lately, and all my doctor has given me is aspirin. How can this help?
Question 4:Are aspirin and Panadol safe in pregnancy?
Question 5:What are dieureticks (sic)? My doctor has said that is what I am taking.
Question 6:I have a fluid build-up in my tissues, which gives me a bloated appearance. I take one Navidrex tablet each morning and Plendil twice a day for high blood pressure. I never pass much fluid. What do you suggest?
Question 7:I have heard that people can get addicted to some drugs like tranquillisers that can bomb you out. My doctor wanted me to take some, but I said no. Was that the right thing to do?
Question 8:I have glaucoma, and as well as eye drops I have been prescribed Diamox tablets. I have had pins and needles in my fingers since they started. What are the side effects of Diamox?
Question 9:Could you tell me about Roaccutane? What effect does it have on the body and how safe is it?
Question 10:I am taking Endep and Epilim for the prevention of migraine, but I have found that i have put on a lot of weight since starting these medicines. Why is this so?
Question 11:I have been put on a medicine called Phenelzine by my doctor, and I am told I have to stay on a strict diet, and mustn' t stop the tablets. Can you tell me somethinq about these please?
Question 12:My doctor has started me on a drug called Digoxin. What is this used for and does it have side effects?
Question 13:How good is Zovirax? At $150 for a course it should be brilliant! My doctor has suggested I use them for my cold sores, as i get them badly every couple of weeks.
Question 14:I have been taking Aldactone three times a day for 8 months for the reversal of excessive facial hair. It has been 75% successful, but my doctor says I must keep taking it to maintain the results. I am worried about any side effects, and I would rather not take any tablets, but am dubious about what would happen if I stop them. I would appreciate your opinion.
Question 15:What are antihistamines? I see some cold remedies boast that they don' t have them, but my doctor told me to get some for a cold. What is best?
Question 16:I have been prescribed a variety of tablets for my arthritis over many years. I believe that these are all classed as anti-inflammatory drugs. I never like taking drugs, but they do seem to help me. I would still like to know what are the side effects of anti-inflammatory pills?
Question 17:What is the Inderal my doctor has prescribed for me used for? I always like to know about my medication, and several friends have told me they are on this drug, but for different reasons. Your advice would be appreciated.
Question 18:Can people who have had stomach ulcers take aspirin? Can enteric-coated aspirin be used in these people?
Question 19:As a 77 year old, my doctor has suggested that I take 100 mg of aspirin every day to reduce my risk of having a stroke or heart attack, but I have had a stomach ulcer in the past and take Zantac every day. I was told that I should never take aspirin again because of my ulcer. What should 1 do?
Question 20:Are sleeping pills harmful?
Question 21:What is the difference between a decongestant and an expectorant? I find these medical terms very confusing.
Question 22:Eight years ago, a blood test showed an excess of uric acid, and although I had no problems with gout or arthritis, my doctor put me on Zyioprim each day, saying failure to take the tablet could result in gout. A health shop proprietor said Zyioprim could actually cause problems if taken long term. Can you advise me?
Question 23:Can you tell me about a drug called Capoten that my doctor has prescribed for me?
Question 24:I am a pensioner, but despite having to pay $3.30 for my medications, there are some that I will have to pay a lot more for. Why aren' t all the medicines essential for a pensioner subsidised?
Question 25:My wife has had a mastectomy for breast cancer. The doctor has prescribed Tamoxifen, which produces hot flushes and fevers. What are the risks if she stops takinq the drug?
Question 26:My mother has been on Aldomet tablets for many years to control her blood pressure. Are there any adverse effects from takinq this medication for such a long time? What would happen if she stopped them?
Question 27:35 years ago I was prescribed Stilboestrol to reduce the risk of miscarriage. 1 understand there may be side effects from this treatment that affect the daughters of those mothers who took the drug. What are these side effects?
Question 28:After successfully taking Aldactone for nine months to treat oedema and period problems I noticed a loss of hair from my scalp which has caused the development of two small bald patches. I have stopped the Aldactone, but the hair loss has continued. Is this a recognised side effect of Aldactone? How can I treat the bald patches?
Question 29:I have been prescribed Xanax for post-traumatic stress. At the moment I would barely be sleeping at all if I were not taking it. Can you tell me which group of drugs Xanax falls into, can it cause addiction, and what are its side effects?
Question 30:What are tranquillisers? The chemist told me that the pills my doctor prescribed for my problem were this type of drug. Are they dangerous?
Question 31:My doctor has started my sister on Lithium. How safe is it and what is it used for?
Question 32:Can you tell me about a drug called Sinemet? My husband has been taking it for years, and I don' t know why.
Question 33:I was exposed to malaria-carrying mosquitoes for 20 years, and had many severe attacks of malaria. Is there any evidence that the anti-malaria medications can affect the eyesight?
Question 34:I have just been prescribed Sinequan. Is it a safe drug? What is it used for?
Question 35:I have been prescribed Serepax to help me cope with my divorce. What are the main side effects of Serepax? Are they addictive?
Question 36:I have a daughter who takes Tegretol for nocturnal fits. She has only had three in three years, and they follow overwork and stress. Do these tablets cause any liver or kidney trouble, and if she did not take them and had more fits, would she get brain damage?
Question 37:My husband and I have taken Mucaine and Quickeze for many years for a hiatus hernia and reflux. With the scare about aluminium and Alzheimer' s disease, I don' t know if we should keep taking them. We need them despite being on Losec. Can you let me know if there is any proof that they are harmful?
Question 38:I have suffered episodes of constipation, flatulence, burping and a dry cough since taking a course of iron tablets. What can ! do to correct this problem?
Question 39:Antibiotics give me an upset stomach. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
Question 40:I' m having my wisdom teeth out. Can you recommend something that will help me deal with the effects of the general anaesthetic?

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