Medical Questions » Menopause

Question 1:I am 50 years old and still taking the contraceptive pill. How will I know when I have my change of life?
Question 2:As I get older I am scared about the problems of menopause. My mother had a terrible time and I have no desire to follow in her footsteps. Can the menopause be controlled?
Question 3:Should all women use hormones after menopause to prevent osteoporosis?
Question 4:I have had breast cancer and a total hysterectomy at a relatively early age. I am concerned about premature ageing but my doctor says I cannot take hormones. What can I do?
Question 5:I am 58 years old and recently started on hormone replacement therapy with Premarin tablets prescribed by my GP. Another GP I consulted for a second opinion is most alarmed that taking this drug alone will increase my risk of cancer. I am confused! Which GP is right?
Question 6:I heard recently that women who could not produce hormones naturally, either due to the change of life or after a total hysterectomy should have hormone replacement therapy to prevent osteoporosis. What is your opinion?
Question 7:If you have a hysterectomy, do you still go through menopause?
Question 8:I am 62 and on treatment for blood pressure. I am concerned about osteoporosis and heart disease and I am considering using the oestrogen patch. I finished my menopause 9 years ago. Are hormones going to help me now? What effect will it have on blood pressure?
Question 9:I am in my fifties and would like to know the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy. How should I take them and how safe are they? What do you think of vaginal oestrogen creams?
Question 10:Why can' t all women who have troubles with the menopause have hormone replacement therapy with oestrogen? Why can' t they stay on treatment until they are 60, 70 or indefinitely?
Question 11:I began menopause six months ago. I' ve been on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) but have a period just before or just after the tablets finish. The doctor said I need a curette and told me not to take the tablets because of a higher risk of cancer. However, I wish to continue taking them because I can' t bear the hot flushes. What should I do?
Question 12:What are the best natural remedies for menopausal symptoms?
Question 13:What are the best herbs for hot flushes?
Question 14:I' ve stopped HRT because of the risks, but the hot flushes are back. What can I do?
Question 15:I am on HRT but am losing my hair. What can I do?
Question 16:I am 43 years old and have not had a period for four months. Are there any nutritional guidelines for encouraging ovarian activity?

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