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Question 1:My mother has Alzheimer' s. Is this hereditary?
Question 2:Can you prevent Alzheimer' s?
Question 3:I' ve heard that Alzheimer' s is caused by too much aluminium - what' s your view?
Question 4:Is there a link between mercury fillings and Alzheimer' s?
Question 5:Can Alzheimer' s ever be reversed?
Question 6:What causes manic depression, and what supplements can help to keep it under control?
Question 7:What foods improve your concentration?
Question 8:My daughter has exams coming up. What helps brain function?
Question 9:I' m depressed and my doctor wants to put me on anti-depressants. Is there an alternative?
Question 10:I' m often panicky, get mood swings and am always tired. Can nutrition help?
Question 11:I' m prone to anxiety attacks. Which natural remedies can help?
Question 12:What' s your view on Prozac? I have just come off it after two years and am feeling very depressed, tearful and irritable.
Question 13:I' m on anti-depressant medication (Seroxat) and want to come off. How can I do this?
Question 14:Since starting anti-depressants I' ve been getting angrier. Is this possible?
Question 15:I keep hearing mixed reports - is St John' s wort really as good as anti-depressants?
Question 16:I' ve been taking St John' s wort and I' m on the Pill. Should I stop the St John' s wort?
Question 17:What' s your view on valerian?
Question 18:I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter. What can I do?
Question 19:I' ve heard zinc can help anorexia. Is this true?
Question 20:My daughter' s recovering from bulimia. Is there anything I can do nutritionally to help?
Question 21:What can I do to improve my memory?
Question 22:I suffered a head injury 25 years ago and was in a coma for a month. I still have learning, memory and attention problems. What do you suggest?
Question 23:I' ve heard ginkgo biloba is good for the memory - is that true?
Question 24:My son has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Can this be linked to poor nutrition?
Question 25:I am a schizophrenic and vegan, and am concerned that I am unable to convert EPA from flax seeds. What dosage would you recommend?

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