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Question 1:What are cold sores? I get one every few months, and I hate them, because they look so ugly.
Question 2:What causes a venous lake to appear on the lip? Can it be removed without leaving a scar?
Question 3:I am 82 years old and dribble saliva from the corner of my mouth all the time. This causes soreness and is embarrassing. What is the cause, and do I need to see a specialist?
Question 4:I keep getting mouth ulcers. What can I do to treat them?
Question 5:When I go for long runs to keep fit I get gum ulcers. These infections only occur a few days after a hard run. Can you explain this phenomenon for me?
Question 6:I have a recurring ulcer and lump inside my bottom lip that sometimes fills with blood. Should I get it checked?
Question 7:What causes a dry mouth? I am always having to take a sip of water, and it gets very embarrassing.
Question 8:I have have suffered from a continuously watery mouth since becoming pregnant with my baby girl, who is being breast fed and is now three months old. The excessive saliva is hard to swallow, and i end up with a sore throat. Please help, as I am tired of it.
Question 9:I have a problem with my tongue. It has been very uncomfortable for 4 years. My doctors says it is covered in veins. What do you suggest?
Question 10:What causes a white coating on the tongue? I find that I can scrape the coating off, but it returns soon afterwards, What can be done to overcome my problem?
Question 11:I have had a terrible sore throat that has come and gone for weeks. It wakes me at night, and it hurts to swallow. Even moving my neck hurts. I have gargled with Milton, and wrapped socks around my neck at night. I am well over 80 and would appreciate your advice.
Question 12:I have what can only be described at putrid breath. It is so embarrassing. I seem to have a permanent mouth full of peppermints or chewing gum to try and disguise it. I have tried everything without success. My mother had the same problem. What can I do?
Question 13:My ten year old son has recurrent tonsillitis. Should he have his tonsils removed?
Question 14:I am 19 years old and keep getting one or two attacks of tonsillitis every winter. I find it very embarrassing to tell my friends I' m off work because of this children' s disease. What can I do to stop it?
Question 15:My GP has referred me to a specialist to have my son' s tonsils removed, but I am not sure that I want him to have this operation. When should tonsils be removed?
Question 16:My husband had his tonsils out at seven years of age. Recently he became very sick, and was told a tonsil had regrown and he had quinsy. Is this possible, as I have never heard that tonsils can regrow?
Question 17:I' ve heard of infected tonsils, but is there such a thing as infected glands?
Question 18:I have foul phlegm in the back of my mouth that I find very difficult to remove. It started after a bad bout of the flu a year ago. Telfast tablets from my doctor do not help. What can I do?
Question 19:Tell readers about salivary stones. I have just been through the worst imaginable agony, and all people do is laugh at me—and it' s not funny!
Question 20:At 84 years of age, I am having trouble swallowing and have a dry throat. What could cause this?
Question 21:I find that i am always hiccupping when I am nervous or anxious. What causes hiccups and how can they be cured?
Question 22:I am really self-conscious over having bad breath, and breath fresheners don' t work. Have you got any suggestions?
Question 23:When I' m exposed to a lot of exhaust fumes I get headaches. How can I stop this?
Question 24:What can I do for a tooth abscess?
Question 25:I' m prone to cold sores. Are there any natural remedies that work?
Question 26:My gums bleed a lot. Can diet help?
Question 27:Why do I get mouth ulcers when I' m stressed?
Question 28:How can you get rid of thrush naturally?
Question 29:I have Candida, and some anti-candida diets recommend avoiding gluten grains. Why is this?
Question 30:I keep getting thrush and have been prescribed the drug Nystatin. Is there a natural alternative?

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