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Question 1:My life is a misery because of constantly ingrowing toenails. What can I do?
Question 2:I have had an ongoing problem with an ingrown toenail for ten years. The nail has been removed twice, and despite having both sides of the nail bed removed by a podiatrist, the nail is still growing back and getting infected. I have heard that laser surgery will help this problem. Do you know where I can obtain this treatment?
Question 3:What causes ridges in your nails? Mine look horrible, and even with nail polish on, the ridges show through. They make my hands look far older than the rest of me.
Question 4:I have a horrible looking black/green growth under one of my toenails. What is it?
Question 5:My toenails are thick, brown, scaly and ugly. I can' t wear sandals or thongs, or go barefoot without people looking at me and feeling revolted. What can I do?
Question 6:I wish to inquire why my fingernails are so extremely soft, and keep breaking off, flaking and splitting. Will my bones be similarly affected? Could diet be the problem?
Question 7:I have had a greyish blister just behind my fingernail for six months. When I nicked it, I got out a clear jelly substance. It is now sore, and X-rays and blood tests for gout are negative. What could it be?
Question 8:I am told that black splinter-like longitudinal markings under my fingernails signify dire and dreadful things. Is this so?
Question 9:My nails keep cracking. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
Question 10:What causes pronounced vertical ridges in both fingernails and toenails?
Question 11:What do white marks on your fingernails mean?

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