Medical Questions » Nose And Sinuses

Question 1:I keep getting nose bleeds at the most inconvenient times. Blood started dripping into my dinner at a restaurant last night from my stupid nose. What causes blood noses, and how can I stop them?
Question 2:What can be done for a 9 year old with recurrent nose bleeds? My son has one at least once a week, and often at the worst possible time.
Question 3:I have a constantly runny nose and need to use antihistamine tablets all the time. All the ones that work make me drowsy, and I can' t work as a driver. Is there anything else available to help me?
Question 4:My husband sneezes for an hour or more every morning when he wakes. How can he stop this?
Question 5:My doctor describes the constant rubbish I swallow as cattarh. What causes catarrh?
Question 6:Every morning I vomit because of all the mucus that has been running down my throat from the back of my nose during the night. This is only an irritation in summer, but in winter it can become a problem because I get sinusitis.
Question 7:What are the sinuses that everyone complains about when they get a runny nose?
Question 8:My sinuses are always blocked. I can' t breathe through my nose, which runs constantly, and my face aches. Nothing seems to help me. What can I do?
Question 9:My sinuses are always full of gunk, that is absolutely foul. None of the medicines I have been prescribed work. I am absolutely fed up with having a thick head. What type of surgery could be done for my sinuses?
Question 10:I suffer from chronic sinusitis. My face is one big ache. I can' t breathe, and feel absolutely lousy. I need help before I go mad!
Question 11:Is there anything you can recommend to stop me from getting nosebleeds?

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