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Question 1:Why are some people left-handed? I am 12 years old and the only lefthander in my family. Will it be a problem for me?
Question 2:I was a soldier in Japan after the war, and visited Hiroshima. I also worked with yellowcake at a uranium treatment plant in South Australia in the 1950s. Is there any way of telling if I have been damaged by radiation?
Question 3:What are spastics? My friends at school are sometimes rude and call me names, and say I am a spastic. I see them in the streets sometimes, and they scare me. I don' t want to get like that. How do you become spastic?
Question 4:My sister has just found out that her son has cerebral palsy. He is only four months old, and I would like to know how do doctors treat children with this problem?
Question 5:My daughter recently had the most terrifying experience of an oculogyric crisis after taking medication for vomiting. Can you please warn people about this problem?
Question 6:In the past two months I have experienced bouts of queasiness, loss of appetite, general tiredness, a weight loss of 4 kilograms and an itchy rash around my neck. Should I seek medical attention for these vague symptoms?
Question 7:My cousin is very ill with lead poisoning. How can you get lead poisoning?
Question 8:A relative has repetitive strain injury (RSI), fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. Is there any connection between these conditions?
Question 9:What organ in the body controls one' s personal body heat? My husband feels the cold far more than I do.
Question 10:My father suffers from amyloidosis. Can you explain this disease to me in simple terms? All I get from his doctors is jargon.
Question 11:I sweat a Sot, to the point where it is very embarrassing. Can doctors do anything to help?
Question 12:My 17 year old son lacks energy and seems almost lethargic most of the time, although he eats well and plays sport. What could be the reason for his lack of energy?
Question 13:We have an hereditary disease in our family, and I am concerned about my children developing it. Where can I get further information?
Question 14:My daughter in North Queensland has Ross River fever. Please tell me about this disease.
Question 15:I am always tired. I just have no energy. Even writing this letter is an effort. Please help me.
Question 16:When I go shopping, and stand for a while waiting to be served, or stand anywhere for a time, I black out. I don' t know when these attacks are coming. Please let me know why this happens.
Question 17:I am a 19 year old male and I want to find out if there is a cure for shortness. I am only 5 ft 4 in and I really get depressed about being so small. It' s just so horrible being short, and I really don' t enjoy life at all the way I am. Nobody takes me seriously, and I find great difficulty in finding work of any kind.
Question 18:My 12 year old daughter is a head taller than everyone else in her class. Is there any way of stopping her from becoming too tall?
Question 19:I have been stuttering since early childhood, and am now 25. Could you please tell me the cause, and recommend a medicine which will be of some benefit.
Question 20:I was injured in a car accident. What can I do to help the healing process?
Question 21:I' m a semi-professional tennis player and can' t play any more because of tennis elbow. Can you help?
Question 22:My daughter has developed urticaria. What could be causing this?
Question 23:What do you recommend to prevent water retention?
Question 24:I feel worse in the city. I this the pollution?
Question 25:What' s your view on clingfilm and aluminium foil are these harmful?
Question 26:What' s your view on fluoride?
Question 27:Are mercury fillings dangerous?
Question 28:I' ve heard fish is high in mercury. Should one avoid eating it?
Question 29:What' s your view on microwaving foods?
Question 30:Is it a bad idea to use plastic dishes when heating things up in the microwave?
Question 31:Is there a link between mobile phones and brain cancer?
Question 32:What' s your view on farmed salmon?
Question 33:I wake up all blocked up. Could it be something in my bed?
Question 34:Is it true that coffee improves your concentration?
Question 35:I' ve heard that decaf coffee is no better than regular. What' s your view?
Question 36:Can you recommend a good coffee substitute?
Question 37:I can' t get going in the morning without a couple of strong cups of coffee. What' s the remedy?
Question 38:Why do drinks such as tea, coffee and alcohol dehydrate us?
Question 39:What' s your view on green tea?
Question 40:What' s your view on guarana?
Question 41:What' s the best way to calm down an insect bite?
Question 42:What are the best nutrients to supplement if you' re suffering from shock?

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