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Question 1:Can you explain what happens in mammography? My doctor has suggested I have this done, but it scares me.
Question 2:My son has been having stomach pains that are quite severe, and his doctor wants him to have a CAT scan of the abdomen, but because he has diabetes and allergies, I fear he may be at risk from such a scan. Could you please explain the complications and risks involved?
Question 3:My husband recently underwent a CAT scan, but suffered severely with diarrhoea for two weeks afterwards, and was at one stage considered at risk of dying. A doctor told him that he had an allergic reaction to the dye injected for the CAT scan. Can you warn people of these risks?
Question 4:My husband had a myelogram three weeks ago and has suffered from severe headaches and nausea ever since. Is this a normal side-effect of a myelogram? Can these side effects be prevented or treated?
Question 5:My obstetrician wants me to have a scan to check on the size of my baby. I am only 4 months pregnant. Are these scans safe in pregnancy?
Question 6:I am 66 years old and the report on a recent X-ray of my chest says that ' the aorta is unfolded' . Could you please explain in a good old-fashioned way what takes place with this complaint, and are there any exercises that could help?
Question 7:I have an X-ray request slip from my doctor to have an air-contrast barium enema done. What will happen to me?
Question 8:I keep having funny turns, and my doctor has ordered a ' dopple' test on the arteries in my neck. What will this involve? Are they safe?
Question 9:What is the test done to see if you have thin bones in old age?
Question 10:What is involved in an MRI scan? I have seen numerous doctors about my headaches and fainting, and now a neurologist wants me to have one of these tests.

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