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Question 1:I have a very embarrassing sexual problem, which I cannot bring myself to discuss with my GP. I have not been able to have intercourse for many years because of it. Can you please tell me of a doctor who looks after these problems?
Question 2:Six months ago I gave birth to my first child, and stopped breast feeding after five months, and started on the contraceptive pill. Ever since the birth I have had no sexual appetite whatsoever, and this is putting a strain on my marriage. Will I ever be normal again?
Question 3:Almost every time I have sexual intercourse I suffer a strong burning feeling around my vagina and urethra. Doctors' tests show no germs present, and their treatments do not help. Every day there is a discharge on my panties. I hope you can help me.
Question 4:I gave birth vaginally five months ago. Since then I have found sex very painful, and have only attempted intercourse four times, each time being very uncomfortable. I had an episiotomy which still does not feel completely healed. What can I do to help this problem?
Question 5:I am female, 18 years old, and have always had trouble using tampons. I' ve had sex only once, and although 1 had no pain, my partner did. I now realise I have an extremely short vagina, as I can feel my cervix only 10 cm away from my vaginal opening. I am very embarrassed and don' t want to get involved with anyone until it is fixed, or am I doomed to live my life alone?
Question 6:Every time I have sex with my husband, I am in agony for two or three days afterwards because of burning when I pass urine. How can i prevent this?
Question 7:I am now nearly seventeen and about two years ago I started to masturbate regularly because it makes me feel good. Will this have a bad effect on other parts of my body? Will it weaken my eyes or heart? Will it make my penis grow bigger or smaller?
Question 8:I am 58 years old, and am married with a loving wife and 6 children. Would you please advise me as to where I could go to seek assistance to cure a habit of masturbation.
Question 9:I have noticed over recent months that I enjoy almost no pleasure when I ejaculate after masturbating. Orgasms are almost non-events. Could this be a sign of something serious?
Question 10:Some twelve months ago I suffered from a bout of impotence due to mental stress. I purchased a vacuum penis pump to help things along, and this helped me to get back to ' working order' . The makers of the penis pump claimed that with regular use, the penis will enlarge by up to two inches, but this hasn' t happened. Is it possible to extend the length of the penis? If body-builders can exercise and build their muscles, why can' t the same be done for the penis?
Question 11:Practically every morning I wake with an enormous erection, which at my age of 45, I feel is a precious thing, not to be wasted. My wife does not share my point of view, and detests sex in the mornings. This causes a lot of friction between us. Why do these erections occur, and what is tt*!tt*! wrong with sex in the morning?
Question 12:My wife and I enjoy frequent bouts of sex. I would like to know if protein increases male sperm and sexual performance. Also, are there any vitamins that will increase sexual performance in an already sexually active male?
Question 13:My GP gave me Andriol tablets to help my sex life, and now I can get an erection, but I can' t ejaculate with sex, only with masturbation. I would rather ejaculate while having sex. Can you help me?
Question 14:I am 57 and lately cannot get an erection. Are there any pills or devices that can help my problem?
Question 15:! am 68 years young, very healthy, cut wood, mow the lawn, and walk for miles but I have an erection problem. I can get an erection, but I can' t sustain it. As soon as I try to have sex, it droops. I believe an implant in the penis that I read about in an American magazine will solve the problem. Are they available here? My wife is 20 years younger than I am, and I don' t want to lose her.
Question 16:I am having trouble maintaining an erection during sex. Approximately 12 months ago I failed miserably twice with this problem. Since then I have separated, and have now met a woman with whom I have become friendly, but I fear I will not be able to fulfil my love. I am 68 years old, a war veteran, had a prostate operation, high blood pressure and two heart attacks. Sir, it obviously takes a great deal to keep an old soldier down!
Question 17:I am a 52 year old man, and have noticed blood in my urine after intercourse. It occurs at no other time, and all sorts of urine, blood and X-ray tests by my doctor are normal. I am otherwise fit and well. What could cause this problem?
Question 18:Is circumcision necessary to be able to have children?
Question 19:I am 62 years of age, and somewhat concerned that I no longer ejaculate. 1 am not unduly concerned about this but would like to know if this is a normal or expected condition for a man of my age?
Question 20:After a prostatectomy at age 59, I am suffering from retrograde ejaculation. Will this stop me from fathering further children as I am contemplating marriage to a younger woman? is there any treatment available?
Question 21:I am a 33 year old man and suffer from premature ejaculation. This situation is threatening my relationship with my girlfriend. We have tried to solve the problem ourselves, but to no avail. Can anything be done medically?
Question 22:I am a 42 year oid male and my problem is I am not very well endowed when it comes to genitals. My penis is so small that one woman friend commented ' How do you have anything to hang on to when you pee?' This is very embarrassing when in the intimate company of a woman, and some have openly laughed at me and walked out. Is there a cure for my problem?
Question 23:I am a 52 year old man who has recently remarried. My new wife is also a divorcee. We now find sex to be very painful to the point where 1 have a very sore penis, and she bleeds afterwards. We have tried gel but it was still painful. We need your advice.
Question 24:I get depressed when my girlfriend and I have sex a lot. Why?
Question 25:I heard about supplements that can give your libido a boost. Which are the best?
Question 26:Are oysters really an aphrodisiac?
Question 27:I rarely have orgasms. Have you got any suggestions?
Question 28:When I' m working hard or stressed my sex drive nose-dives. Why is this?
Question 29:Is it bad to have too much sex?

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