Medical Questions » Skin Cancer

Question 1:I was a sun bunny in my youth, and now I am petrified that I will develop a disfiguring skin cancer. If one is going to come, I would like it removed before it causes any serious damage. What are the danger signs to look for with skin cancer?
Question 2:It is many years since I have holidayed at the beach, but I plan one soon. Should I go to a solarium to get a tan before I go so that I don' t get burnt when I go to the beach. Is a solarium tan dangerous, or are chemical tans better?
Question 3:I want to get a good tan, but not get skin cancer. What are the best sunscreens to use?
Question 4:I have been told that I must have a suspicious mole cut out, but I am frightened of any surgery. Can you please explain what will happen?
Question 5:I have a black, hairy mole on my cheek. It has been there as long as I can remember and I' m now 45. Could it be dangerous?
Question 6:I keep hearing about people who have skin cancers that can kill them if they are left for too long. I have worked out in the sun most of my life, and would like to know what a skin cancer looks like?
Question 7:My 61 year old mother is rapidly developing a large number of squamous skin cancers on her legs, despite the fact that she has always kept them well covered. As soon as one is cut out, another appears. Is there anything that can be done about this.
Question 8:My GP checked over my skin yesterday when I went to see him about my blood pressure, and said that I had a lot of skin cancers that would need to be treated, and he wants me to make a long appointment so that he can have time to treat them. I am very worried. How are skin cancers treated? Can they be cured?

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