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Question 1:Why are school sores different from other sores?
Question 2:I have recently had a horrible abscess on my buttock. Can you please tell me all about these messy things?
Question 3:My daughter has just been started on treatment for a ringworm. How do you catch ringworm?
Question 4:I have patches of white scales on my body. In my armpit they look red. I' ve had it for years and it comes and goes. What is it?
Question 5:I have been troubled with fungal skin infections since coming to Australia 5 years ago. It is always worse with the higher temperatures of summer. I have used numerous creams which settle it down, but it always recurs. Is there any cure for it?
Question 6:I developed a very itchy rash in my crotch area while recovering from a knee fracture. None of the anti-itch creams helped. The rash disappeared when the fracture healed. Can you explain this?
Question 7:I am 70 years of age and have developed a skin rash between my legs in the groin area. The rash is itchy after a shower, and all sorts of creams and ointments from the chemist have failed to fix it. They just seem to control it for a while, then it comes back. I hope you can help me.
Question 8:I am a 19 year old girl, and for five years I have been trying to overcome my terrible under-arm scent. I am light in colour, but my armpit is black and stinks. I can' t wear anything like a tank-top because it is easily noticed. How do I get rid of the blackness and smell?
Question 9:I went to my doctor with an itchy rash and she says I have an insect in my skin called scabies! What is this disease?
Question 10:What diseases could cause me to get sores around my neck and armpit all the time?
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