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Question 1:Why do some children get warts and not others?
Question 2:I have multiple warts, but do not want to resort to surgery to remove them. How can I remove warts at home?
Question 3:What are the best treatments for warts?
Question 4:I find the application of castor oil regularly to warts makes them disappear in a couple of months. Please pass this advice on to your readers.
Question 5:My skin specialist said he would be using cryotherapy on my next visit to him, but he didn' t explain anything more about it. What is cryotherapy?
Question 6:I always fee! too hot and sweat too much. Other people around me sweat far less and feel the heat far less than I do. Could you please help?
Question 7:I sweat excessively. My armpits are disgusting. On a hot day my shirt can be soaked from armpit to waist. Help!
Question 8:My six year old daughter has very sweaty hands, feet and armpits. At times her feet actually drip! What can be done?
Question 9:After I shave every morning, my neck becomes red raw and itchy. I am seriously contemplating growing a beard. How can I prevent this annoying razor rash?
Question 10:I have severe pain after I had shingles on my chest 6 months ago. Can you help me?
Question 11:I have a big problem—my skin on my face and scalp has itched awfully for a long time non-stop. What causes such itching? Could it be playing football in the sun years ago? How can I get rid of this nuisance?
Question 12:I am 20 years old and have extremely sensitive skin. If! scratch or bump myself, even lightly, my skin comes up in welts. Several different doctors have been unable to help. I can' t play sport or socialise. Help!
Question 13:I am in my seventies, and generally well, but I have noticed a number of raised moles coming up on my back and shoulders. They can be surgically removed, but more keep coming. What are they and what causes them?
Question 14:My skin is terribly dry and cracked. When I play with my grandchildren they complain that my hands are like sandpaper, and this upsets me. What is the best treatment for dry skin?
Question 15:I am developing little red spidery things on the skin of my face. What causes them and how can they be removed?
Question 16:What is a sebaceous cyst? My daughter has one behind her ear, and her GP wants to cut it out.
Question 17:Why would 1 get eczema on my chest from ironed shirts but not drip-dry shirts?
Question 18:i am 71 years old and have had an ulcer on my ankle for 2 years, in spite of visiting the doctor all the time. Could you please let me know how to get it better as I am so depressed by it.
Question 19:My daughter suffers terribly from pilonidal sinuses in the groin. She has had several removed, but they keep returning. Will waxing help the problem? How can she prevent these terrible sores? Could they be caused by her hairy husband? Thank you for your assistance with this matter.
Question 20:For at least ten years I have had a body itch from my head to my knees. Different ointments have helped for a time, but it keeps coming back. Can you help me?
Question 21:My husband has a skin problem which a dermatologist has diagnosed as erythema multiform. Could you explain what this condition is?
Question 22:My husband has a skin problem which a dermatologist has diagnosed as erythema multiform. Could you explain what this condition is?
Question 23:I have been diagnosed with lichen planus, which mainly affects my mouth. I would like to know more about this condition, what causes it, method of treatment and prognosis.
Question 24:I have been diagnosed as suffering from ' acne rose asia' . Is there a cure? What will happen to my skin?
Question 25:I have a very itchy rash on my arms after putting insulating batts in my ceiling, and it' s driving me batty (ha, ha)! What can I do about it?
Question 26:Is there any treatment for stretch marks? I am covered with them from my legs to my upper arms, which greatly limits what I can wear. I am willing to do anything!
Question 27:I have a lot of blackheads on my nose. How can I get rid of them? Squeezing them doesn' t work.
Question 28:Are there any dangers in having several birth marks? I have about 25, and my 2 year old son has about 13. A paediatrician commented that future children could have problems. I also have a couple of soft lumps under my skin. A second opinion would be appreciated.
Question 29:My son has a red rash around his mouth. No creams seem to help. What is it?
Question 30:I have a very itchy scalp, but there is nothing to see except occasionally a tiny red spot. I have used Diprosone without success. Any advice would be appreciated.
Question 31:Does the skin naturally get thinner with age? I am just over 60 and recently noticed the skin on my fingers getting very wrinkled.
Question 32:I have a medical condition called angiokeratosis, which appears as little blood blisters on my scrotum. These are unsightly, and I have to convince my partner they are not some form of STD. Is there any way of removing them?
Question 33:What are Boils & Boils Treatment?
Question 34:I have chronic eczema, even on my eyelids. Can you help?
Question 35:Are there any creams, other than cortisone, that help with eczema?
Question 36:What' s the solution for acne? I' m an otherwise healthy adult.
Question 37:I suffer from acne but I am 30! What can I do about it?
Question 38:What natural products can I use for my acne, which seems to be worse in winter?
Question 39:My skin looks like I' m blushing and I get little red spots. My doctor confirmed this is acne rosacea. Can you help?
Question 40:How can I treat the red spots with yellow heads on the end of my nose?
Question 41:I have brown spots on the backs of my hands and my body. What causes them and can I get rid of them?
Question 42:I suffer from facial blushing - what can I take for this?
Question 43:I bruise really easily, especially on my thighs. What can I do about this?
Question 44:How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
Question 45:I suffer from dermatitis. Is there a diet connection?
Question 46:How can I stop my skin from being dry and rough?
Question 47:How can I keep my skin from drying out on my summer holiday?
Question 48:Every winter I get itchy red patches on my legs and arms. Can you help?
Question 49:What can you do to stop oily skin?
Question 50:Are there any natural remedies that can help psoriasis?
Question 51:What can I do to remove or diminish stretch marks and prevent more from appearing?
Question 52:I keep getting warts. What can you suggest?
Question 53:What causes varicose veins?
Question 54:My hands and feet have a yellow tinge. Is this a problem?
Question 55:Do vitamins in skin creams really do any good?
Question 56:What are parabens in cosmetic creams?
Question 57:My hair is always dry. Can this be linked to my diet?
Question 58:Do you recommend the Pill for hormone-related acne?
Question 59:I' m a woman with acne on the jaw and neck (the ' beard' area). What causes this and what should I do?
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