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Question 1:I keep reading about new medical syndromes that are being found, and treated. They always have unpronounceable names, and only a few people seem to have them. Just what is a syndrome?
Question 2:I have been diagnosed as havinq myalgic encephalomyelitis. Can you explain this disease for me?
Question 3:My son aged 30 years has been diagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome. What causes this, and is there anything that can be done to help him, as he is very depressed and always tired?
Question 4:You were inept in your description of the genetic disease chronic fatigue syndrome in a recent column. The disease is self-explanatory and is called Abnormal Cell Mediated Immunity in the Australian Medical Journal (sic). You did not mention the recovery techniques available, and 86% of patients recover using these.
Question 5:I have chronic fatigue syndrome, and wonder what treatment you would prescribe, as many doctors maintain there is nothing that can be done for it.
Question 6:My mother has just been diagnosed as having Cushing' s syndrome. What causes Cushing' s syndrome? Is it serious?
Question 7:I have been told that Sjogren' s syndrome is the cause of my arthritis. I have never heard of this disease before, and I am naturally very worried about it. Is it serious? What does this strange name mean?
Question 8:I have a continuing interest in Prader-Willi syndrome, and would appreciate it if you could bring this condition to the attention of your readers.
Question 9:My mother is paralysed from the waist down with Guillain-Barre syndrome. She has diarrhoea, pins and needles and feels cold. Will her condition ever improve?
Question 10:Would you please write something about carpal tunnel syndrome? My doctor tells me that this is the cause of my hand problems.
Question 11:A very good friend of mine in England has told me in her last letter that her new baby has Down' s syndrome. Can you please tell me about this condition, and how serious is it?
Question 12:30 years ago my son was born mildly mentally retarded. No-one then could explain what was wrong, but I have recently heard of the fragile X syndrome. Could my son be suffering from this? Can you tell me more about this syndrome?
Question 13:I have had an operation on the salivary gland under my ear for a tumour, and I have been left with Frey syndrome. If I had known this would happen, I would not have had the operation.
Question 14:What can be done to help my wife' s Raynaud' s phenomenon?
Question 15:I have been told that a cousin has Klinefelter syndrome. Is this an hereditary problem that I should be worried about in my family?
Question 16:I have had pins and needles in my arms for years on and off. Sometimes my arms really ache. It can' t be the arthritis my doctor says it is because I am only 28 years old. Do you have any ideas?
Question 17:Please tell me about Turner syndrome. I have met this girl who when I asked her out told me that she has this problem, and explained it by saying she is not a complete woman. I am confused, and she is embarrassed, so I' d like to know more, but can' t really ask her.
Question 18:Would you please explain Noonan syndrome to me? We have a lovely little woman who has just started at the office as a cleaner who has this problem.
Question 19:What do you recommend for fibromyalgia?

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