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Question 1:I have had ' glandular fever' for two years now. I take a lot of vitamins with a good diet. Could you tell me the story of this virus?
Question 2:One of my pregnant daughter' s blood tests shows that she has been exposed to cytomegalovirus. What does this mean? Could it cause a miscarriage?
Question 3:How serious is hepatitis? My doctor tells me I have the A form and not the B. What is the difference?
Question 4:Could you please explain the symptoms, causes and treatment of an illness described as ' hand, foot and mouth disease' ?
Question 5:What is the best cure for a cold? I get several a year, and I end up in bed for a week every time. Medical science must be able to do something to help me!
Question 6:I keep getting one cold after another. Why does it always have to be me?
Question 7:I am just recovering from shingles, and my doctor says its connected with chickenpox. Can you explain this?
Question 8:I need help with my cold sores. They just keep coming and nothing seems to help them. What can I do?
Question 9:My grandson suffers severely from a recurrent blistering rash across his face that I believe are cold sores. I have read that there is a drug to cure herpes infections. Will this drug work on cold sores as well as genital
Question 10:My daughter' s best friend has Ross River fever. I am worried that she could catch it too. What is this fever, and how do you catch it?
Question 11:How can I cure my Ross River fever? It has lasted for weeks!
Question 12:It has taken several weeks, but finally my doctor has diagnosed my aches and pains as Barmah Forest infection. He says it is like Ross River fever, but different. Can you explain further?
Question 13:What nutritional support to aid recovery from glandular fever do you recommend?
Question 14:I' ve recently been diagnosed as having the human papilloma virus. Any suggestions?

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