Medical Questions » Vitamins

Question 1:How do I know what vitamins I need?
Question 2:How do you identify a good-quality vitamin supplement?
Question 3:I take my supplements during breakfast. Can tea interfere with their absorption?
Question 4:I' ve heard that most vitamin supplements can' t be assimilated unless bound to other nutrients. Is this true?
Question 5:Can you take too many supplements and are there certain combinations to avoid?
Question 6:Are megadoses of vitamins harmful for you?
Question 7:When you take all these high-dose supplements don' t you just excrete them?
Question 8:When I take a multivitamin my urine turns yellow. Does this mean I' m taking too much?
Question 9:What is your opinion on food-form supplements?
Question 10:Since starting to take supplements I feel worse, not better, and have developed spots and headaches! Why?
Question 11:What' s your advice for someone who has trouble swallowing supplements?
Question 12:My multi is low in calcium but contains 200 per cent RDA of vitamin D. I want to supplement more calcium as I do not eat dairy, but all the calcium tablets I see have lots of vitamin D as well. Will I be overdosing on vitamin D if I take both?
Question 13:What exactly are antioxidants?
Question 14:What' s your view on vitamin B6?
Question 15:What is the best source of vitamin C?
Question 16:Isn' t it dangerous to take large amounts of vitamin C?
Question 17:What' s your view on chromium?
Question 18:What exactly are colloidal minerals?
Question 19:What are your views on vitamin E?
Question 20:What' s your view on niacin?
Question 21:What' s your view on selenium?
Question 22:What' s your view on zinc?
Question 23:What' s your view on bioflavonoids?
Question 24:Does cod liver oil really oil the joints?
Question 25:What' s your view on Co-Q10?
Question 26:What' s your view on digestive enzymes?
Question 27:I' ve heard that fish oil supplements aren' t safe because they contain toxic PCBs. Is this true?
Question 28:What' s your view on flax seed oil?
Question 29:I' ve read that glucosamine prevents and repairs joint damage. What' s your view?
Question 30:What' s your view on melatonin?
Question 31:What' s your view on NADH?
Question 32:What' s your view on phosphatidyl serine?
Question 33:What' s your view on probiotics?
Question 34:What' s your view on SAMe supplements?
Question 35:What' s your view on spirulina?
Question 36:What' s your view on 5-HTP?

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