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Question 1:I keep hearing how I should check my breasts regularly. Just how do I check for breast lumps?
Question 2:What is mammary dysplasia? How is it treated? Can it be cured?
Question 3:I am 54, and my mother and aunt both had breast cancer. My doctor is sending me for a mammogram, although i have not felt any lumps. Could you explain what is done, and is there enough radiation to harm me, or even to cause breast cancer?
Question 4:My mother has just been diagnosed as suffering from breast cancer. Please tell me, how is breast cancer treated, and is it successful?
Question 5:I am 17 years old with very small breasts. The other night on the TV news there was a female model who used to be a man. This person had breasts of normal size. Why is it that an ex-male can have larger breasts than a naturally born woman? Are there hormones available to increase your breast size?
Question 6:I am 22 years old and my breasts are too large. They are guite saggy and i get rashes under them, and they cause me great discomfort. I would like to know who I can see about getting my breasts uplifted and decreased in size, the effects of the operation and how much it would cost.
Question 7:One of my breasts is markedly smaller than the other, in fact one has not developed at all. This becomes a problem when buying bras, as one side fits and the other doesn' t. I am in my late teens and my breasts have always been different sizes. Am I eating the wrong foods? Is it hormonal? What is the cause, and how can I fix it without plastic surgery, or do I have to live like this for the rest of my life?
Question 8:I have extremely itchy nipples, and I can' t scratch them in public without people (especially dirty-minded men) staring at me! I don' t have particularly large breasts, in fact my boyfriend teases me about my ' fried eggs' when I sunbake topless. What can I do?
Question 9:I have had a mastectomy (breast removal) for cancer, and found that I avoided many complications of restricted arm movement and swelling of my arm by keeping the arm above my head on a pillow, and moving it as much as possible, starting immediately after the operation. This advice may be useful to your readers.
Question 10:When I was a teenager I used to squeeze my breast buds in an attempt to stimulate them to develop larger breasts, but I am now mature and my breasts are very small. Did I harm my breast buds by squeezing them?
Question 11:I am breast feeding, but my periods are very irregular, is this normal?
Question 12:I have just started breast feeding my baby, who is three weeks old. I keep hearing about the trouble some women have with breast feeding, but I am very keen to feed myself for at least six months, as I know it is better for her. What problems can occur with breast feeding and how can I avoid them?
Question 13:I have had to stop breast feeding because of recurrent attacks of a breast infection? How can these infections be prevented and treated?
Question 14:In a recent item you wrote on breast feeding, you neglected to mention that mastitis may be treated by ultrasound. Would you please bring this excellent form of treatment to the attention of your readers.

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