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Question 1:Would you please write something about carpal tunnel syndrome? My doctor tells me that this is the cause of my hand problems.
Question 2:I have had an aching hand for months. Finally a doctor has told me that it is caused by the carpal tunnel syndrome, and I will need surgery. Are there any other treatments for the carpal tunnel syndrome?
Question 3:What is Raynaud' s phenomenon? My mother' s doctor says it is the cause of her hand pain.
Question 4:My hands go numb and white in cold weather, and I have to wear gloves during winter. Is there any treatment for this?
Question 5:I am developing hard lumps on the palm of my right hand, and I' m finding it hard to straighten my fingers, is this serious?
Question 6:I am 54 years of age and the knuckles of my fingers are very swollen and ache. Is there anything I can do to help this?
Question 7:Why do elderly people develop red palms?
Question 8:I am in my 70s, and for many years have suffered with finger tips that crack and split and almost bleed. St is usually worse in winter, and very painful. Can you suggest a treatment?
Question 9:The palms of my hands and the soles of my feet have turned yellow. My husband says I eat too many paw paws. Could this be the cause?
Question 10:. I have found it progressively more difficult to write over the past few years to the point where 1 now either type or write with my left hand. A doctor did electrical tests and said that my nerves weren' t working and ! needed an operation. Now, if I try to use my right hand, my first three fingers remain straight and cannot be bent. Should I have the operation?
Question 11:My fingers go numb when ! play the piano. What can i do about this?
Question 12:I was intrigued to read that Greg Norman has a wrist injury that cannot be cured unless he stops playing golf! How does the body cope with the strain of hitting 500 golf balls a day over a period of years, and do the joints wear out, or does the body cope with no detrimental effects?
Question 13:I have terrible pain in my wrists from repetitive strain injury (RSI). Is there anything I can do nutritionally for it?
Question 14:My hands and feet sweat a lot. Any suggestions?

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