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Question:Can you provide any solution for acne problems with dry skin? I have extremely dry skin and I recently got acne breakouts on my face under the nose and shoulders. My skin has become flaky and itching. I tried some of the acne stuff and it only worsens my problems. I am very puzzled with these skin blemishes. How can one get acne with dry skin when it is related to oily skin?
Answer:Acne can affect any type of skin. It' s a general belief that acne can happen to only oily skin. This is not true. Acne is mostly caused by clogged skin pores, not by oil on the skin. Definitely, excess oil produced by sebaceous glands clogs the skin pores causing the acne breakouts. But that' s always not the sole reason of blemishes. When the skin is very dry, it becomes flaky and skin cells start shedding off. This may also clog the skin pores causing the acne breakouts. In dry skin, acne mostly occurs under the skin rather than on the surface of the skin. Winter is the worst time for acne breakouts for dry skin. With less moisture in the atmosphere, skin becomes more dry and flaky.

Topical acne treatments cause dryness and itching sensation of the skin; so they may not be suitable in treating acne with dry skin. You should use moisturizer daily in order to prevent the dryness of skin. You can use 2-3 drips of jojoba oil with moisturizer to get rid of flakiness of your skin. Tea tree oil is also good for acne with dry skin.

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