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Acne is a general facial problem that is faced by many women as well men. It is not life taking but for many a times it can be life changing. Many people take acne seriously and some of them even shed tears for it.
Question 1:I have terrible zits on my face. Why do I get it more than my friends, and what can I do about it?
Question 2:I am 38 years old and my acne is worse than that of my teenage daughter. Why would I get it now?
Question 3:I have been taking antibiotics, inciuding Vibra-Tabs, Minomycin and Mysteclin, for acne for many years. These keep the acne under some control, but it never completely clears up. If I stop them, the acne flares up terribly. I am worried that the antibiotics may cause my bouts of depression, and can they cause a low sperm count?
Question 4:I had a bad case of acne on my chin. I have been given Clindamycin cream to heal it. Can you tell me what this does to the pimple? Will my acne scars be permanent?
Question 5:Could you please give me information on the drug prescribed by specialists for the treatment of severe cases of acne. What are the side effects and long term effects?
Question 6:For how long can my son take pills for acne? He has been on Vibra-Tabs for some time now, and they control the severe pimples on his face and back. Can these pills cause any damage?
Question 7:I have suddenly developed pimples at 22 years of age, having not had them for seven years when I was a schoolgirl. My lifestyle has not changed. My doctor recommends antibiotics, but I am reluctant to take these. I am taking zinc tablets from the chemist, but they don' t seem to be helping. A Pimples may develop at any age, but they are far more common in teenage years when hormone levels are increasing.
Question 8:I have severe acne problems. Many people suggested avoiding chocolates, fried and junk foods like pizza. Can a diet clear up my acnes?
Question 9:I have tried everything to get rid of my ugly acne. I have consulted doctors, taken expensive medicines, but nothing works. I am desperate and now want to try some home remedies that can really help.
Question 10:I am 15 year old suffering from mild acne breakouts. I like to lie down in the sun during summer. Will it aggravate my skin acne problems or help in improving it as some of my friends say?
Question 11:I frequently get pimples or zits on my face over a week. I have heard about tea tree oil for acne treatment. Is it really an effective treatment for acne? Can it eliminate my acne breakouts completely?
Question 12:Can you provide any solution for acne problems with dry skin? I have extremely dry skin and I recently got acne breakouts on my face under the nose and shoulders. My skin has become flaky and itching. I tried some of the acne stuff and it only worsens my problems. I am very puzzled with these skin blemishes. How can one get acne with dry skin when it is related to oily skin?
Question 13:I am having lot of blackheads on my back. How can I get rid of them?
Question 14:I am a fair skinned, 19 year old girl. I get pimples on my face particularly on chin, neck and back frequently. I have long hair with a lot of dandruff. Can fallen dandruff aggravate my pimples? I have no idea what medication will do. Please help.
Question 15:I get a few pimples on my face. After sometime, they go away but leave black scars. My face doesn' t look good and fair because of this. I am getting married in a month. I am very worried. What do I do to make my face clear and scar free? Please give me some advice.
Question 16:My baby is only 4 weeks old and is having baby acne on chin and cheeks. Is it possible occurring acne to newly borns? What products should I use for my baby? How long will it take to cure? Will my baby develop it again in his teenage?
Question 17:My sister is facing severe acne problems. Her face looks dark and dull due to black spots. She is very conscious about her looks; so her self esteem has become very low due to her appearance. Her dermatologist suggested her to get a chemical peel done for acne scar treatment. What is this treatment and is it beneficial in eliminating the scars permanently?
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